Goat Milk Soap Making Class - Private/Semi Private

Goat Milk Soap Making Class - Private/Semi Private


Basic Soap making class with goat’s milk.

Learn to make a small batch of soap using goat milk without scorching it. You’ll have the option to add 1 to 2 colors into your soap and create a textured top. This class does not include Fragrance/Essential Oil scented soap.

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What’s included:

  • Soap Making Supplies including a small take home mold to pour soap batter in .

  • Safety glasses and gloves

  • Refreshments and snacks

Required Prerequisites:

  • Watch a 9 minute video on YouTube “How to Make Cold Process Soap: Lye Safety” by Soap Queen TV at (copy and paste the link below)


I will not go into detail about lye safety, for your health and safety watch the above video.

  • Wear Long Sleeves, Pants and close toed shoes.


  • An apron if you don’t want oil/soap batter on your clothes.

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This class Private (1 Person) or Semi Private (2 Persons)

Private and Semi Private: $50 per person for 1.5-2 hours.

You will get to take your soap home with you after class. 24-36 hours later you can cut your soap at home into bars using a kitchen knife. Depending on the size you cut your soap bars into, you can get 2-6 bars of soap.