Goat Maid's Farm


Sales Policy


Policy changes are made as needed.

Updated 03/03/2019


Breeding/Show Stock

Doelings: $300 and Up

Bucklings:$300 and Up

Wethers $125

Non-registered Goats

Doelings: $150 - $275

Bucklings: $200

Wethers $125



  • Goat Maid's Farm reserves the right make changes to the breeding lineup and retain any kid from any breeding at any time.

  • Make sure you contact me before making a deposit to ensure the goat/breeding is available.

  • Send me an email if you are interested in a specific breeding pair to reserve the kid(s) before birth. I'll keep track of reservations according to the date I am contacted. I will contact you to confirm your reservation and when your kid hits the ground you will be contacted again. I will do the best I can to contact you within 5 days. of your reserved kidding. Please be patient it could take up to 10 days post kidding before I contact you.

  • Unless arrangements have previously been made, once the kid is born and I contact you, you'll have 48 hours to make your decision. If I don't hear from you, I'll contact the next name on the list.


  • Deposits are required to hold an adult goat. Once you receive confirmation that the adult goat is is still available you have 5 days to send in your deposit and they adult goat will be retained for you until paid in full. Otherwise you take the gamble of someone else placing their deposit after the 5 day grace period.

  • I don't require a deposit on unborn goat kids.

  • Once the kids are born and I get your commitment (via email) on a goat kid, I require a $100 deposit per goat within 5 days for Registered goats and $50 deposit per goat for Non-registered goats. If I don't receive payment, I will contact the next person on the list.

  • I accept checks for deposit. If PayPal is your preferred choice of payment for deposit YOU MUST ADD 4.0% TO THE AMOUNT YOU ARE SENDING VIA PAYPAL as a convenience fee. If you do not add this, it will need to be paid with the final payment before the goat leaves GMF. 4% adds up over the year, so please don’t think it’s no big deal to skip the fee. Checks made out for final payment must be cleared 10 days prior any goat leaving the property, plan accordingly. Goats will not leave the farm if you show up with a check in hand the same day you pick your goat(s) up.

  • In the event something happens to your reserved kid/goat between time of reservation and pickup, I'll gladly refund your deposit or apply it toward a kid/adult goat that would also fit your needs, whichever you prefer.


  • Because we dam raise (keep kids with their mamas), there will be AT LEAST a 8 week wait on kids.

  • Wethers may go to their new homes after 8-1/2 weeks. Wethers get castrated at the 8 week mark and will stay on the farm a couple of days while they heal.

  • Bucklings go to their new home at 8 weeks, no acceptions. Because of their breeding abilities at 8 weeks they will have to be housed separate from the rest of the herd, Each day spent past the 8 week mark will incur a $3 per day charge.

  • All doelings will be ready to go home between 12-15 weeks.

  • Our goats are healthy and Registered Stock are free from disqualifying faults when we sell them and we guarantee this at time of pick-up or shipping. Since we cannot control the goat's environment once they leave our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees.

  • All goat kids will receive their first series of medications (CD&T - 2 shots at 4wks & 8wks, worming and Cocci prevention), hoof trim and disbudding prior to leaving the farm. If you choose to keep your kids free of the CD&T vaccine, email your request.

  • We disbud (remove horn buds) ALL kids at 2-5 days after birth. If you prefer not to have your kid disbudded, notify us of your decision prior the goat kid being born. Goat kids must be paid in full 2 days after birth if you choose not to have him/her disbudded. Any goat not paid in full within two days after birth will be disbudded despite being expressed verbally/written. It's quite possible scurs (small toenail shaped horn growth at the horn site) may develop. These can easily be removed with clippers or pulled off as they grow.

  • Stress is very common in both kids and adults of all ages when moved from one place to another. Illness and in rare cases death can occur if the animal is not properly handled or treated.

  • Registered Stock will be free of disqualifying faults at the time of pick up. However, once they leave our farm, there are no other guarantees to the future health, height, or quality of the animal.

  • Testing on Goat Maid's Farm herd for, Johne's and CAE (Vet or Bio Tracking) with all tests being negative. Upon request, these results will be emailed to you.

  • If you prefer to have your goat vet checked or you need a health certificate I will make arrangements with our vet. Monies must be paid prior vet being called out. It is your responsibility to find out your state’s requirements when transporting livestock across state lines, please do not ask me.

       Final Sale/Pick-up:

  • You will need to have the adult goats(s) and/or goat kid(s) paid in full before they can leave Goat Maid's Farm. No exceptions.

  • I do reserve the right to refuse a sale without explanation and at that time, any deposit will be immediately refunded.

  • Any and all costs associated with shipping or transportation, including any health certificates/related testing, vet visits, crates, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer.

  • At the time of pick up, please have an appropriate crate/trailer to transport your goats in. Goats do not tolerate wind, using a wire crate in the bed of a pick up truck is not appropriate. If this is the only crate you have, wrap the top and 3 sides with a heavy tarp to prevent wind and possibly creating a very stressed goat.

  • A medium dog crate is large enough to house one adult goat or 2 kids under 6 months.

       Registration & Other:

  • Registered goats born on our farm will carry our herd name "Goat Maid's Farm" as well as the goat's name we choose that follows our herd name.

  • ALL goats will be tattooed prior leaving the farm, this insures identity and safety in the event the goat is ever lost or stolen. Tattoos are also required for registered goats.

  • If you would like your goat micro-chipped we can do so for $100 paid with notice and deposit.

  • Breeding and Show Stock can be registered ADGA/AGS/NDGA. I will mail in applications thru ADGA for kids purchased from Goat Maid's Farm. Once the certificates are mailed back to me I will forward them to you. Applications for AGS/NDGA will be completed by me and given to you on the day you pick your goat(s) up. It will be your responsibility to mail them in with appropriate fees.

  • All bucklings born of First Fresheners (FF) will be offered as wethers. Wethers are great for showing in 4H and NDGA. Wethers make wonderful pets without the crazy hormones and buck odors.

  • We of course encourage anyone interested in purchasing our goats to come by for a visit and have a look first hand.

  • ****Note if money has been applied to an animal and the buyer backs out of the deal , there is no refund of monies paid in.