Last Day on the Farm in Ohio

Saturday June 29th, a sunny, hot and bittersweet day. Our future Nigerian Dwarf herd of 4 (3 Does and 1 Buck) moved to their temporary home in Enon where I know they will be spoiled and loved until I can fly them to their forever home in Central Puerto Rico sometime in the 1st half of 2020. We loaded the last of our contents and memories into our vehicles and before moving on Mike and I took one last look around. A lot of love, blood, sweat and tears will forever remain on the small Ohio farm where our business began. I didn’t cry, most of it was good and the best is on it’s way. I want to thank all our friends and family for your support, help and times shared on the first leg of our adventure. I also want to say thank you God, without faith and love through Him, none of this would be possible. Next stop,,, Utuado Puerto Rico! Stay tuned on FB and IG.

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