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Thanks for popping in and please take a look around.  Goat Maid's Farm is currently relocating to the island of Puerto Rico and will reopen 2020.  We breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats, continually trying to improve the breed for temperament, conformation, and parasite resistance.  The Nigerian Dwarf goat produces milk higher in butterfat than the much larger dairy goat breeds.  Having a high butterfat content means the milk is less watered down making it wonderful for cheese making, drinking and soap making.  We hand milk and machine milk our goats and use this for making soap and consumption.  

Soap Making:  I have a passion for making quality hand made small batch goat milk soap!  I use raw Nigerian Dwarf goat milk collected from my own goats daily to produce a soap product using wonderful ingredients.  Goat milk adds a creamy feel on your skin as well as vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in the milk and can be absorbed by your skin for added health and protection. Our relocating has slowed soap production but no worries, we are still shipping! We will continue to ship from Puerto Rico using USPS.

Goat milk soap is real soap unlike most bars of "soap" in chain stores which are actually detergents and the cause of dry and unhealthy skin.  Real soap is made with lye and goes through a chemical reaction called saponification, with fats/oils to produce soap.  The lye reacts with the fats/oils and becomes a completely safe and mild product to use.

I recommend you try a bar and see first hand the difference on your skin.  Each batch of soap is carefully formulated to provide your skin with the care it needs for optimum health.  Essential Oils are my primary scent producers. I do carry a few fragrances and they are phthalate free.  My soaps are colored with natural herbs, spices, oxides, clays, and flowers.  A few also have cosmetic grade micas.  Mica is produced naturally in the earth but also made in a lab to produce an impurity free nature identical colorant.

If you have any questions email me!

Thanks for your time,

Jessika Tanner