Welcome to the goat side!  My name is Jessika Tanner.  I am the owner and operator of Goat Maid’s Farm along with my husband Mike Tanner.  We are both professional firefighter/medics who have a strong passion for the farm life.   My love for goats started with a simple Pygmy buck that I purchased in Kentucky several years ago strictly for entertainment.   Boy did “Joey” provide hours of laughs and fun!!  However, my husband and I soon realized that Joey needed a “girl” friend.  Soon…and I mean soon, Joey and his girlfriend provided our farm’s first birth.  Boy was I excited!!  Much to our surprise the three goats sold quickly to folks who were interested in family pets.  After some research along came the Nubians. They stayed with us for a few months before we realized that they were just too big and pushy for us.  Sooo…..after more thorough research the Nigerian Dwarf became the breed for us.  I.LOVE.THEM!  They are my babies and my husband jokes that I love the goats more than him.  Not True!  BUT….they are cute.  Our goal at Goat Maid’s Farm is to be self-sustained, raise very dairy, correct, loving goats and to sell carefully bred kids and dairy products to help with farm upkeep and expenses.  As anyone who owns a herd of goats knows, they are a lot of hard work but the reward is well worth it.  Luckily, my husband’s and my careers allow us the time for our desire of farming.  The alternative to industrial cow’s milk, and the hormone’s it contains, is wonderful sweet tasting goat milk.  I don’t think it tastes much different than cow’s milk, only sweeter and better for you.


Every goat on our farm is treated the same….with excellent care and love.  Our reason for offering both Registered Nigerian Dwarfs and Non-registered is simple.  Offering Non-registered goats opens the door for those simply looking for a small fun loving pet that also offers a delicious source of nutrition.  Registered Nigerians are for those who take the goat life more serious like us.  Either way we are sure no one will be disappointed.  We do not sell meat goats and no dairy goats on our farm will be sold for meat!