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Goat Maid Soap coming Spring 2018.  

The Premier Ingredient In Goat Maid Soaps Is Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Used In ALL Our Soaps.  Goat Milk Adds Wonder Vitamins And Minerals For Your Skin To Soak Up And Feel Pampered.  We Use Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Because It Has The Highest Butterfat Content Of Any Other Dairy Animal Adding Even More Luxury To Your Skin.

​Minerals From Goat Milk Beneficial To Your Skin:

  • Selenium, Calcium, Iron & Sodium

Vitamins From Goat Milk Beneficial To Your Skin:

  • Vitamin A - Studies Show Vitamin A Helps Prevent Acne & Help With Psoriasis & Keep Fine Lines & Wrinkles Under Control

Goat Milk Soap Also Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Aiding Dead Skin Removal Giving Your Skin A Cleaner, Softer & Healthier Appearance.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Having The Highest Butterfat Content Adds To the Skin Moisturizing Above Any Other Goat Milk Soap.  This Is Wonderful If You Have Dry Skin, Especially In The Harsh Winter Months.


All Goat Maid Soaps are made with the following base oils unless specified in the soap discription.

Olive Oil - Coconut Oil - Shea Butter - Avocado Oil - Sunflower Oil

This combination of oils adds a wonderful lather along with skin moisturizing and cleansing properties.

All soaps made on Goat Maid's Farm are All Natural Small Batch Cold Process Recipes.  Soaps will vary in color & design because they are made in small batches.  All soaps are scented with Essential Oils and colored naturally with flowers/herbs/clays/spices & oxides.  


For Soap To Be Called Soap It Must Be Made With Sodium Hydroxide, aka Lye.  If A Solid Soap Is Not Made With Lye It Is Considered A Detergent.  Detergent Bars Are Drying And Harsh, Containing Harmful Chemicals.

When Added To A Fat or Oil Lye Saponifies & Makes It Safe For Skin It's All Natural.  


*Occassionally speciality soaps are added to this site made with Cosmetic Grade Micas.  Mica is naturally found in the earth but not without impurities.  Goat Maid Soap uses lab made cosmetic grade micas to insure a safe and impurty-free product.  Micas add a beautiful shimmer when added to soap.*


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