Below are our wonderful ladies on Goat Maid's Farm.  Does are listed in 2 groups,

 Registered and Unregistered.  In each group they are listed from Oldest to Youngest.

We do have 3 does avaiable for Sale

Ultra, Emrald & Charlie

Herd Starter Package Available

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Updated 03/16/18

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Registered Does

AOF MG Elizabeth Anne Everest 2*M/6*D AR


 DOB: 09-07-11

Red Gold and White

* 2013/2014 AGS Top Ten Milker

*2013/2014 ANDDA Sue Rucker Bronze JuJu Winner



Grand Sire: Hill Country's BB Zydeco

Great Grand Sire: - Steele Ballew Blue Bayou

Great Grand Dam: - Steele Ballew Carmen


Grand Dam: Lost Valley KW Shiraz

Great Grand Dam: Hill Country's Shatarr

Great Grand Sire: - Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood



Grand Dam: Antiquity Oaks Anne Bronte

Great Grand Dam: Sugar Creeks NR Nellies Sherri 


Grand Sire: Rosasharn FS Pegasus 

Great Grand Sire: Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm

Great Grand Dam: Rosasharn's Eclipse 

Salvagno's Naomi


DOB: 02-16-12

Red with White



Sire: Helmstead Minis Fire Starter

Grand Sire: Kids Corral LL Fire Flame

Great Grand Sire: Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm

Great Grand Dam: Rosasharn Tom's Legacy Lilly


Grand Dam: Kids Corral CVF Black Velvet

Great Grand Dam: Kids Corral LB Chenille

Great Grand Sire: Caesar's-Villa TT Frankie


Dam:  Hoof Print Hills Gold Dust

Grand Dam: Hoof Print Hills Tutu



Grand Sire: Hoof Print Hills Blue Renegade

Great Grand Sire: Brush Creek Blue Danube

Great Grand Dam: Hoof Print Hills Lady Bug

Kids Corral PT Saddle Charmer 1*M/*D/*DD 


DOB: 03-18-12

Gold & White with Frosting

*Polled (Naturally Hornless)

*Grand Champion Doe


Sire: Kids Corral Pat's Tenor

Grand Sire: - Flat Rocks Crescendo

Great Grand Sire: - Ponders End Minstrel Show

Great Grand Dam: - Flat Rocks Gazelle


Grand Dam: - Doe-Sy-Doe's Patches

Great Grand Dam: - Doe-Sy-Doe's Lil Angel

Great Grand Sire: - Rosasharn's Tiger


Dam:  Kids Corral CVF CH My Darling

Grand Dam: Caesar's-Villa Sens Sweetheart 

Great Grand Dam: - Caesar's-Villa STS Sensational

Great Grand Sire: Caesar's- Villa P Perferd Stock


Grand Sire: Caesar's-Villa TT Frankie

Great Grand Sire: Split Creek Tyler The Man

Great Grand Dam: Caesar's-Villa PN Flower Girl

Caprakoza Mel's Ultramarine


**For Sale After Weaning, April 7, 18**

  - $400


DOB: 12-12-12

Black with some White & Frosting

*Blue Eyes


Sire:  Rosasharn SH A-Bit Melliverous *B

Grandsire:  Rosasharn BB Son of Honey

Great Grand Sire:  Rosasharn WT B-Bo


Grand Dam:  ARMCH Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly *D

Great Grand Dam:  Goodwood Water Lilly


Dam:  Caprakoza BT Aquamarine 4*M 2*DAR

Grand Sire:  Flat Rocks Blue Topaz +S

Great Grand Sire:  Flat Rocks Gem

Great Grand Dam: 5 Alarm Prism


Grand Dam:  SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M *DAR EEEE91

Grand Dam Sire:  Caesar's Villa LV Eric

Great Grand Dam:  SM3Pines Juren's Sugar Glider

Faithful w/Little LE Emrald CT


**For Sale After Weaning April 7 2018**

  - $425

- Sale Pending


DOB 5-12-15



Sire: Jasper Pine EP Legacy


Grand Sire: Rosasharn SH Epic *B

Great Grand Sire:  Rosasharn BB Son of Honey

Great Grand Dam: Rosasharn P Haiku


Grand Dam: Jasper Pine Shh Cali

Great Grand Dam:  Jasper Pine Hot Cocoa

Great Grand Sire: Algedi Farm Smokin' Hot Honey


Dam: AGS Blessed Assurance Mini Pearl


Grand Dam:  CHW Baywatch's Memphis Pearl

Grand Sire: Milky Whey's Periwinkle


AJJ Farm Sweet Georgia Blue


DOB: 03-07-16

Golden with some White

*Blue Eyes


Sire:  Old Mountian Steiff

Grand Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind

Grand Dam:  NC Promisedland MG Mizi


Dam:  AJJ Farm Blue Jean Baby

Grand Dam:  AJJ Farm One Boot Gypsy

Grand Sire:  Chenango-Hills BO Brumell *S

First Freshners

Sinai Thunder Katie O'Grady

"Katie O"


DOB 03-17-2016

Black with some White & Frosting 

*Polled (Naturally Hornless)


Sire: Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei

Grand Sire: Sycamore SS Peg Valor

     Great Grand Sire: Rosasharn FS Pegasus

     Great Grand Dam: Twin Creek DJ Scandal

Grand Dam: Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah

     Great Grand Dam: Little Tots Estate Crocomia

     Great Grand Sire: Buffalo Clover Valentino


Dam:  Caprakoza BT Aquamarine 4*M 2*DAR

Grand Sire:  Flat Rocks Blue Topaz +S

Great Grand Sire:  


Grand Dam:  SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M *DAR EEEE91

Grand Dam Sire:  Caesar's Villa LV Eric

Great Grand Dam:  SM3Pines Juren's Sugar Glider


Honey Sweetie Acres Liesel


DOB 04-15-2016


Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Undisputed

Grand Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Understated

Grand Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Too PracticalMagic


Dam: Honey Sweetie Acres Gretl

Grand Dam: Jasper Pine SHH Nadi

Grand Sire: Rosasharn SH Epic *B

AJJ Farm Charali Granich T

"Charali"  Pronounced Charlie

**For Sale after weaning April 7, 2018**

  - $350


DOB: 05-02-16

Chocolate Swiss Marked


Sire:  Old Mountain Steiff

Grand Sire:  Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind

Grand Dam:  NC Promisedland MG Mizi


Dam:  AJJ Farm Nonpareil

Grand Dam:  Little Tots Estate Tough Stuff

Grand Sire:  Chenango-Hills Bo Brumell *S


Misery Swamp Filly


Sire:  Legacy Goats Winchester​

Grand Sire:  Fiddler Creek Farm Remington

Grand Dam:  Willow Ridge Aravis


Dam:  DebKen Farm MaryAnn

Grand Dam:  DebKen Farm Storm

Grand Sire:  Tempting Willows Radjah


Junior Does

*Junior Does - means these Does have not been pregnant yet.

Woodland Trails Maverick




Sire: Little Tots Estate Rebel Blue *B

Grand Sire:   Little Tots Estate Cracker Jack *B

Grand Dam: Little Tots Estate Grace


Dam:  Rosaharn NP Witchy Woman

Grand Dam:  ARMCH SG Rosasharn TL Bewitched 1*M

Grand Sire: Rosasharn BH Pinot Grigio

The Whippoorwill


DOB: 04-01-17

*Blue Eyes & Moonspots


Sire:  Amazing View Farm Blackie

Grand Sire:  Cloven Trail Lucky Charm Quinn

Grand Dam:  Amazing View Farm Cutie Pie


Dam:  Salvagno's Naomi 

Grand Dam: Hoof Primt Hills Gold Dust

Grand Sire: Helmstead Minis Fire Starter


UnRegistered Does


D.O.B.  12-12-12

Black & White


*Polled (Naturally Hornless)


Gerdie is the reason I wanted more goats.  I fell in love with her when I first saw a pic of her for sale. I was wanting goats again to start home milking and make goods for the farm table.  Before deciding on the Nigerian Drawf breed,  I brought her home being told Gerdie's 3/4 Nigerian 1/4 Nubian.   Little did we know Gerdie was pregnant.  The day before she delivered, I noticed the change in her behavior and realized she was about to kid.  We put her in a kidding stall and I waited with her till I was cold and stiff, I finally decided to go to bed.  The next morning my husband found 2 beautiful girls (Guts and Glory) at her side.

Branscum Estate H Gladys


DOB: 04-10-16


Sire:  Wildman Farms Charlie-Bolt Jr

Grand Sire:  Fairland Farm Bolt

Grand Dam:  Higher Ground Z Lenape Lizzy


Dam:  Branscum Estate Annie

Grand Dam: Big Blue Acres Yana

Grand Sire: Wildman Farms Whitcomb



DOB: 01-08-17


This cutie came from the same farm as Gerdie.  She is 3/4 Nigerian and 1/4 Nubian.  Caylpso's grand dam is Gerdie's dam.


Goat Maid's Farm Z Meagan's Pip


DOB: 05-27-17


Sire: Rez Ridge JU Zechariah

Grand Sire: Little Tots Estate CJ Judah

Grand Dam: Rez Ridge J Sara Grace


Dam: Branscum Estate H Gladys

Grand Dam: Branscum Estate Annie

Grand Sire: Wildman Farms Charlie-Bolt JR


Reference Does

Below are the Does we had the privilege to care for on our farm.  They have moved on to wonderful and caring homes. 


D.O.B.  4-30-16

Gerdie's kid



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